JT TravelApp

The ultimate travel companion
for ekit international SIM cards.

Account Balance

Always be in control of your account. Check your Credit Balance and Expiry. Activate and View your data plan usage.


Never worry about running out of credit again, with the TravelApp you can recharge your Credit, purchase data plans all without missing a beat of your holiday.

Usage History

Track your account usage. With real time usage and billing history, you'll always know exactly how much you're spending. So no hidden surprises when you get home.

Currency Converter

Converting currencies in your head can be a pain. The Travelapp features a handy Currency Converter, so you always know how much you're spending.


Get a 3 day forcast for your current location as well as back home, so you always know how much better you've got it!

World Clock

Not sure what time it is back home? The TravelApp's dashboard will help you keep track of time while you're enjoying your trip. So you'll now the perfect time to call home.

Download Now!

The TravelApp is avaliable for iOS and Android. If you have another type of phone capable of accessing the web, you can still use many features of the TravelApp by visiting m.ekit.com.